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A few of my Favorite Things: Moisturizers

A few of my Favorite Things: Moisturizers

This is the best thing for dry skin and about everything else.


 A great Facial Moisturizer.

This is my favorite Body Butter. It will make your skin extra soft.

This product will make your feet and elbows fabulous.

This is by far the absolute best conditioner ever. My former boss invented it.

Beauty Product Lifespan Part II

Beauty Product Lifespan Part II
The Purpose of conducting stability and micro testing on all new formulas is to ensure the integrity of the beauty product over time. There are two tests to ensure that integrity. This testing is done once the formula has been approved and before the manufacturing. These tests will need to be repeated if the formula has been changed in any way. The two tests are micro challenge and stability.
The Micro challenge test is the most important of the two tests. It will test the efficacy of the preservative system in the beauty product. The preservatives prohibit growth of bacteria, yeast and mold. The Micro challenge test will show that the preservative will effectively work for at lest three years.
Scientific Committee, Consumer Products, opinion on Challenge Testing for Cosmetics, “the manufacturer must guarantee the efficacy of the preservation of his cosmetic products experimentally by Challenge Testing. However, as no legal nor universal Challenge Testing method is available today, it is up to the manufacturer to decide on the details of the test to be used.”


A formula is the recipe of the Beauty Product. Similar to recipe to bake include the procedure on how to make it.

Winter Dry Skin Delima

Winter Dry Skin Delima

One would think what with all the wonderful weather i.e. rain, snow we have in the Winter. Our skin should be soft and normal. However, skin in especial dry during the Winter due to a combination of factors, the low temperature, low humidify, hot water in showers and indoor heaters.

There are a few things you can do for dry skin.

  •  Drinking water, staying hydrated is important.
  •  Stay away from skin products with lots of alcohol or fragrance. The raw materials of these products can dry out the skin.
  •  Apply a facial moisturizer, and for the rest of the body a good lotion. Coconut oil is an excellent and inexpensive moisturizer to look for in a lotion.