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water water everywhere

water water everywhere

Water is the main raw material in lotions, shampoos, hair gels, ect. There can be a few exceptions like make-up, pomade, and salt & Sugar Scrubs they do not have a lot of water. Water makes up the majority of all other  products. It usually is the first thing that goes into the pot when making the product. Water is the least expensive raw material (ingredient). So, when you are formulating you have to take that into consideration.

For example:

Shampoo are normally around 30% water

Lotions around 60% water

Conditioner sprays can be up around 90% water

Let me tell you a story. One day a co worker brought in a high end brand spray for the hair. We decided to see exactly how much water was in it. It was well over 90% water. She had just bought some very expensive water with a little bit of hair conditioner in it. So, just be aware of this when you buy conditioner sprays.


Hello, carbon life forms, or “people” as you are sometimes called.

Hello, carbon life forms, or “people” as you are sometimes called.

Welcome to by blog, The Curly Chemist. The reason for this blog is to help educate you on  the goop you are putting on your body. The good , the bad and the strange goop you may use.  I am also going to write about a few other thinks, like good books I am reading.

If you have any questions about what is in the skin or hair care products you use or even formulation question on how to make or improve  your own products, please ask away.